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Trevor O’Neil Leads in Polling to Be Re-elected as Anaheim Mayor

O’Neil has a 39% lead in early polling results among voters, compared to 18% for both of his other opponents.

Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil is leading in early polls to be re-elected as Anaheim’s mayor with the support of Republicans, No Party Preference voters, and Democrats. 

Representing Anaheim, O’Neil is also a member of the Association of California Cities-Orange County Boards of the Transportation Corridor Agency, Southern California Association of Governments, and Orange County Council of Governments.

He’s been the city’s mayor since May and is known for keeping the city’s budget balanced, restoring trust back into the local government, and implemented conservative economic policies that have benefited all Anaheim residents. 

“I am running for Mayor to represent the interests of everyone in Anaheim from West Anaheim to Downtown, to the Colony and the Hills,” O’Neil told the Anaheim Observer. “The focus should not only be on big businesses, but on how our residents and neighborhoods benefit from what these industries bring to our city.”

Anaheim’s previous mayor, Harry Sidhu, faced an FBI investigation over the Angels Stadium agreement. Since O’Neil has been in office, he’s garnered higher approval ratings, with 61 percent of voters saying they’d more likely vote for him after his handling of the FBI investigation into Sidhu’s alleged corruption.

The polling, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, also found 68% of voters are less likely to vote for O’Neil’s opponent, attorney Ashleigh Aitken, due to her involvement in the FBI investigation in which one of her consultations was involved in a scheme and wore a wire to avoid being charged.

O’Neil’s other opponent, former councilmember Lorri Galloway, shares 18% of the vote alongside Aitken. O’Neil makes up the other 39%. 

The Anaheim Taxpayers Association, several of the Anaheim city councilembers, Assemblymembers Phillip Chen and Steven Choi, and Orange County Board of Supervisor member Don Wagner all have endorsed O’Neil. 

“Trevor O’Neil is the best candidate to represent the people of Anaheim as Mayor,” Chen told the Anaheim Observer. “Trevor O’Neil’s small business background in healthcare gives him the insight to represent the thousands of working Anaheim families while also understanding what it takes to create jobs and hold government accountable.”

Choi said O’Neil is “a community leader who listens to all voices and will enhance roads, parks, and public safety in Anaheim.”

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