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Rep. Sara Jacobs Judgement Called Into Question After She Endorsed Sexual Predator, Called Him “Champion Of Women”

She later admitted her grave mistake.

Rep. Sara Jacobs’ (D-San Diego) judgment has been recently called into question after she referred to alleged sexual assaulter Supervisor Nathan Fletcher as a “champion of women” and fully endorsed him.

Now-disgraced San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is being sued by one of his employees at the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) for sexual assault and harassment. The married Fletcher denies the allegations, but fully admits to cheating on his wife.

Just last month, Rep. Jacobs fully endorsed Fletcher for his California State Senate run, which is still proudly advertised on Fletcher’s Twitter page. 

“Nathan Fletcher is a proven champion for women, the LGBTQ+ community, young people, and working families,” Jacobs said. “Today, I’m proud to endorse his campaign for State Senate. We need fighters like Nathan in the Legislature.”

Sara Jacobs even retweeted his statement, doubling down on her affirming her support. 

Since the news broke, Fletcher is now disgraced in the public eye, even by some fellow Democrats. 

Jacobs admitted herself that she made a mistake, telling ABC 10 news, “I regret that Nathan was able to garner my and others’ support while these women were suffering.”

Some voters say Jacobs’ judgment is off by referring to Fletcher as a “champion of women” and “working families” as he was having an affair with one of his employees, noting that if she can endorse a candidate who is this immoral, what other kind of decisions is she making for the country in Congress?

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