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Senator Dave Min Caught Lying to Police in New Video About How Much He Drank During DUI Arrest

Controversy Surrounds Min’s DUI Arrest as Fellow Democrats Urge Him to Withdraw from Congressional Race.

California State Senator Dave Min, a Democrat, was caught on newly-released video lying to police officers about how much he drank during his DUI arrest earlier this month.

The scandal arrived just months after Min announced his run for Congress to replace Rep. Katie Porter in CA-47.

According to the arrest report, Min claimed to have consumed only one Coors beer and one IPA over the span of five to six hours. However, two breathalyzer tests administered at the scene indicated that his blood alcohol level was .15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit. Subsequent tests showed his blood alcohol level at 0.13 and 0.14.

Footage from inside the police cruiser captured Min, with his hands cuffed, expressing disbelief at the breathalyzer results. He also inquired about the number of drinks the blood alcohol level represented, and if the information regarding his arrest will make it to the Senate Leadership.

Former Congressman Harley Rouda became the first Democratic politician to call on Min to drop out of the primary race. Rouda, who had withdrawn his own candidacy due to a brain injury, endorsed Democratic activist Joanna Weiss and criticized Democrats for supporting Min while noting democrats would demand the withdrawal of a Republican candidate in a similar situation.

Min was driving a government-issued silver Toyota Camry near the California State Capitol with his headlights off, when police observed him stop briefly at a red light. He then made a left turn against the light after waiting for two cars to pass through the intersection.

Police body camera footage shows officers conducting cognitive tests on Min before handcuffing and arresting him. After his release from custody, Min publicly disclosed his DUI arrest in a Facebook post. He was later photographed addressing California realtors in front of a well-stocked bar on the same day.

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