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Katie Porter’s Senate Run Struck by Domestic Violence Allegations from Ex-Husband

Katie Porter has recently announced her intentions of running for U.S. Senate, despite rising allegations of domestic violence and workplace transgressions.

California Rep. Katie Porter is facing new allegations from her ex-husband that she physically abused him during their marriage, including dumping boiling potatoes on his head.

In 2013, Porter and her ex-husband Matthew Hoffman filed for divorce but decided to still live in the same house. 

Since the divorce, Porter suggested that her political opponents have been exaggerating details of the divorce and her previous domestic situations, which were all part of a larger whisper campaign. 

Not many documents have been released since the divorce arrangement, but due to Porter’s decision to assume Dianne Feinstein’s California Senator seat, a lot of the hidden details from her marriage have surfaced. 

Dating back to 2006, Porter initiated violent domestic actions against Hoffman. Namely, in the Spring of 2006, Porter dumped boiling potatoes onto Hoffman, and with their child seated right next to the incident. 

As Hoffman stated on his divorce petition, “petitioner’s (Porter) behavior has only gotten more unpredictable and unstable and the outbursts of abuse and anger have increased”. 

Physical violence was not the only way Porter expressed her “love” for her ex-husband. Hoffman added that Porter was verbally abusive on a daily basis, calling him “stupid”, or “a slob”, and berating Hoffman’s being whenever possible. 

Porter has since responded to the allegations, attempting to categorize her actions as normal family disputes, and all allegations and domestic incidents to be out of character for her. At a press conference for Huffington Post, Porter even labeled herself as a “victim”, along with claims that Hoffman’s many statements are baseless. 

Turning away from the household front, Porter has also mustered various complaints in the workplace. Her staff members claim that Porter “…said rude and racist things … trying to mask it as edgy humor”. Porter is also regarded as bullheaded, insensitive to others’ feelings, and short-tempered by many. 

Do you think she is still fit to run for the U.S. Senate?

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