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California State Senator Dave Min Positions Himself as Democratic Standard-Bearer in CA CD-47 Race

Min’s strategy centers around trumpeting his track record in public office and painting challenger Joanna Weiss as weak and inexperienced.

Things are heating up in the race for California’s 47th Congressional District. California State Senator Dave Min is positioning himself as the true Democratic candidate in the primary contest against fellow Democrat Joanna Weiss. The race for California’s 47th District is considered one of the most competitive in the country and could determine which Party assumes control of the House.

Min’s campaign strategy involves highlighting his progressive credentials and framing Weiss as a weak and inexperienced candidate.

“If you’re wondering why MAGA billionaires are spending millions to attack me and boost a first-time Dem candidate with no record, no message, and shady finances, the simplest explanation is they’re actually just trying to help the Republican in this race,” Min said on Twitter.

Min’s endorsements include the California Democrat Party, Rep. Katie Porter, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, California Attorney General Bob Bonta, the Los Angeles Times, among many other prominent Democrats. Indeed, while Weiss is not to be underestimated, Min is without any doubt the more experienced candidate. Prior to his four years of service in the State Senate, Min was a staff attorney at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Banking Committee counsel for Sen. Chuck Schumer, and counsel and senior policy advisor for the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee.

“I’m proud of my progressive record of action,” Min added, “and I look forward to continuing to deliver actual results for Orange County families when I am in Congress.”

Weiss is the benefactor of a seven-figure ad buy from EMILYs List, an organization dedicated to electing liberal female candidates. This is, according to Politico, “the biggest independent expenditure so far this cycle when it comes to California House races.”

“Orange County will be best served by Joanna Weiss, a mom, lawyer, and founder of a grassroots organization responsible for progress in her community,” said Jessica Mackler, the organization’s interim president. “EMILYs List knows she will build upon her phenomenal work putting service above all, and we are thrilled to help send her to Congress.”

Min’s campaign manager Dan Driscoll issued a statement to Politico calling Weiss’ accounts “as disgusting as they are disqualifying.”

“Joanna Weiss has run a 100% negative campaign to hide the fact that she is funding her campaign with money through truly despicable means,” Driscoll said. This references recent revelations about Joanna Weiss’ campaign funding— namely, that she appears to be self-funding using money her husband received “defending Catholic priests found guilty of molesting children in Orange County,” as is described in one of Min’s recent ads.

As we await the results of the primary election, Min will continue to make the appeal to Democrat voters that he is the superior candidate— the  only of the two with prior experience in public office and a proven track record of delivering on the tenets of the Democrat Party Platform. Regardless of how it shakes out, all eyes are watching what happens in CA CD-47.

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