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Billionaire Family Funds Rep. Mike Levin and Anti-Israel Groups

A wealthy family that owns the Hyatt Hotels Corporation is bankrolling the California Dem Rep. Mike Levin, along with several other vulnerable races and anti-Israel groups. 

Several House Democrats have highly contested races, including Rep. Mike Levin of California’s 49th Congressional District, and a prominent billionaire family is giving money to his campaign, as well as anti-Israel groups. 

The Pritzker family, which owns the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to these vulnerable Democrats, Democratic Party organizations, and groups supporting anti-Israel protests, according to FEC data via Fox News

The family also founded the Libra Foundation, which funds smaller non-profits, including Climate Justice Alliance, which have taken part in anti-Israel marches and used the term “Genocide Joe” to criticize President Biden’s strategy and approach in Israel’s war against Hamas. 

Another group the organization supports is Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity, which has also been a part of the anti-Israel demonstrations.

Another organization the Pritzkers support is the Tides Foundation, which is left-wing and funds other small progressive groups, including the Adalah Justice Project, which participated in the Columbia University anti-Israel protests

Despite receiving these donations, Levin argued on X, formerly known as Twitter that he supports “Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism and always will back in November 2023. 

Levin has also received endorsements by Pro-Israel America and American Israeli Public Affairs Committee

However, Levin has called for new leaders, including Prime Minister Netanyahu who allegedly are not “ultimately leading to a more peaceful outcome” in Israel, and he even called for a temporary ceasefire. 

“I support the six-week ceasefire and hostage exchange as negotiated by the Biden Administration. Hamas must agree to it immediately. I also support increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza. The deal and aid are both critical to saving innocent lives,” he said on X

He has also criticized how former President Donald Trump handled relations with Israel.

“It is reprehensible that Donald Trump would try to use heinous Hamas terrorist attacks for political gain, or that any other Republican would follow his lead. Rather than pettiness and partisanship, we must all stand united with the people of Israel,” he said

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