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Kim and Duarte Bring the Heat with New Geothermal Energy Legislation

New legislation proposed by CA Representatives Kim and Duarte would decrease the red tape surrounding the geothermal energy sector, providing the state and nation with diversified energy assets. 

Representatives Young Kim (CA) and John Duarte (CA) have proposed new legislation which would exacerbate the infrastructure and production of geothermal energy. The Harnessing Energy at Thermal Sources (HEATS) Act, authored by these two California Representatives, would decrease the amount of red tape currently sounding geothermal energy expansion in the U.S.

Currently, those wishing to harness geothermal energy must obtain a federal drilling permit. The HEAT Act would strip away these obstacles allowing for drilling wells to be used without a federal permit so long as the site is on state or private land and provided that “the United States holds an ownership interest of less than 50 percent of the subsurface geothermal exploration and production activities.”

Representative Kim commented saying: “Energy security is national security. Deploying U.S. energy innovation promotes U.S. energy independence, expands our energy portfolio, lowers costs for Americans, reduces emissions, and secures supply chains…The HEATS Act helps us achieve these goals and is a commonsense way to accelerate renewable geothermal energy production and deployment which is a win for our economy, national security, and environment.”

This is a shared sentiment by more than just Kim and Duarte. The need for energy expansion, production, and security is a priority for many. CEO of ClearPath Action, Rich Powell, commented saying, “These reforms are badly needed to unlock investment in these promising technologies to get steel in the ground.”

Californians have been coping with the rising cost of energy and oftentimes have been left with the difficult decision of how to prioritize needs within the home.

Representative Duarte commented on this notion saying: “Additionally, with energy expenses skyrocketing, many Valley residents have been confronted with the choice between adequately heating and ventilating their homes and other vital needs. By increasing production, this bill has the potential to decrease energy costs for families across California.”.

The HEATS Act would not only decrease the government’s role in energy infrastructure and production, but would also provide much needed financial relief for Californian’s struggling with the rising cost of energy.  

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