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CA GOP Lawmakers to Force Floor Vote to End ‘Sanctuary State’ Policy Protecting Illegal Immigrants Committing Sex Crimes Against Minors

California GOP lawmakers Bill Essayli and Diane Dixon are forcing a floor vote in order to push for a bill to end California’s ‘sanctuary state’ protections for illegal immigrant pedophiles. 

GOP California lawmakers are bringing legislation to the Assembly floor next week seeking to end some of the state’s sanctuary protections around illegal immigrants. 

AB 2641, introduced by Assemblymember Bill Essayli in February, is seeking to change the requirements for law enforcement officials regarding released information after detaining illegal immigrants. 

“…this bill would instead require law enforcement officials to cooperate with immigration authorities by detaining and transferring an individual and providing release information if a person has been convicted of a crime of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of minors, or crimes committed against minors, as specified, or crimes committed against a minor that require registration under the Sex Offender Registration Act,” the legislation states

“By requiring local law enforcement to comply with requests from immigration authorities, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

As of now, California officials have “limited discretion to cooperate with immigration authorities,” only providing information on an individual’s release date or transfer of an individual to immigration authorities. State officials, by law, therefore are not allowed to hold illegal immigrants until they can be transferred to federal custody. 

The protection laws around illegal immigrants within the sanctuary state massively changed after State Bill 54 was passed under Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2017. The law not only prohibited state and local authorities from inquiring about an illegal immigrant’s status, but created a barrier between federal and local officials from working with immigration agencies and performing the work of immigration agents.

While Essayli previously attempted to introduce the bill earlier in the year, the Democratic majority turned down the potential provisions, refusing to hold a hearing on it, according to Fox News. 

“They don’t want to justify or explain why they’re protecting pedophiles from deportation,” Essayli told Fox Digital. 

“I want to put them (Democrats) on defense and have them explain we shouldn’t do this,” Essayli continued. “The problem is if I just do a bill to reverse sanctuary state completely, they’re going to roll out the grandmas or some kid who was convicted of something minor, saying ‘He’s going to be deported now. He’s never been to that country as an adult.’ We’re going to hear the sob stories.”

As of now, it is unclear what day the hearing will be held, however, Essayli posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking voters to call their assembly members and voice their support for the bill. 

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