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The Holden Disconnect: California Assemblyman Chris Holden’s Entire Life in Government Sparks Controversy

Never holding a job outside of politics, Chris Holden’s run for Los Angeles County Supervisor raises critical questions about his understanding of the average citizen. The family legacy continues, but does it also continue a legacy of disconnection?

Chris Holden’s political ambition has been unyielding, steadfast, and solely fixated on the domain of government. Born into a family entrenched in politics, the younger Holden’s journey began at 28 with a council seat for the city of Pasadena, a position he would hold for 24 years. Ascending to Mayor of Pasadena and later to the California State Assembly, his rise has been meteoric, but notably confined within the political sphere.

This confinement, a life entirely within the corridors of political power, raises severe and unsettling questions. Can a man who has never ventured outside government truly grasp the complexities, needs, and daily struggles of the people he aims to represent? How can Holden relate to the daily grind of ordinary citizens when his entire professional life has been sheltered within the confines of political office?

As he runs for a Los Angeles County Supervisor seat—a position with influence over an estimated 10 million residents—the concerns about Holden’s ability to connect with the masses become alarmingly more critical. The legacy of government service he embodies, following his father, Nate Holden, may well be a double-edged sword, while some may call it a commitment to public service, but also a glaring disconnection from the realities of everyday life.

The elder Holden, a figure of significance in Los Angeles politics, spent over 30 years in the public sector. His career undoubtedly shaped Chris’s trajectory but also seems to have inculcated a sense of detachment from the experiences of ordinary citizens. Father and son, both wholly absorbed in politics, a legacy indeed, but one that might resonate as a legacy of isolation.

Holden’s relentless pursuit of power, from councilmember to Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, highlights his political prowess. But this insular journey, mirrored by his father, fuels skepticism about his empathy and understanding. A life enveloped by politics, devoid of the challenges that define the lives of those he seeks to govern, casts a shadow over his candidacy.

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