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Arthur Osorio, Candidate for Aliso Viejo City Council, Shares His Ideas

His thoughts on responsible budgeting, care of parks and trails, communication with educators and a business friendly environment for small business owners.

Arthur Osario is a man on a mission to become council member on Aliso Viejo’s City Council. “My interest in running stems from my love for our community and a desire to contribute positively to its future,” he says.  

As a Director of Technology, Osorio has extensive experience in managing multi million dollar budgets and leading professional teams. “Responsible spending with close oversight is a key issue, as effective budgeting is essential to maintaining the strong fabric of our community.”

A graduate of Cal State in Economics with a minor in Math, Osario’s professional experience includes staffing, capital expenditures, and operating expenses. Responsible budgeting is at the top of his list if elected to city council. He will take a data-driven approach and review expenses regularly to ensure resources are maximized and adjustments are made as necessary. “Fiscal responsibility is an issue I care about, and I am confident that I can ensure that our city’s budget is managed responsibly.”

Osario bikes and walks the parks and trails in his community in his spare time, and so he sees firsthand how important these open spaces are to residents like him, and visitors seeking repreve through natural beauty. As such, he is committed to keeping parks and trails safe and clean and advocating for the city’s natural spaces which are crucial for keeping Aliso Viejo thriving. 

Communication with educators and schools is on Osario’s list of priorities as well. “I recognize the importance of community and will reach out to our local schools and truly listen to dedicated staff.” If elected to city council he will address pressing educational issues brought to his attention. Osario has experience working with schools. He currently oversees the allocation of all of Title I funding while serving as a member of the Wood Canyon Elementary School Site Council.

Osario would like to see Aliso Viejo be business friendly and encourage small business owners. “Creating and maintaining a friendly environment for our small businesses will help keep our local economy, and city, strong.”  With this goal, low barriers that encourage new small businesses to join the local economy will be one of the things he’ll support.

Arthur Osario lives in Aliso Viejo with his wife and daughter. “As a proud parent and resident of this extraordinary community, I want to actively support its mission to be the best place possible.”

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