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Candidate for Capistrano School Board Jim Glantz Voices Ideas on Topics facing Education

Dr. Jim Glantz shares his thoughts on sex education, CRT curriculum, Classroom reopenings and Budgets and Accountability.

When it comes to education and representing Capistrano students, Dr. Jim Glantz, who is running for the CUSD Board, has the experience of once having been a teacher. This experience can bring understanding of developing curriculum, assigning grades, and delivering a quality learning experience. Being an educator showed Glantz the importance of the classroom.

Ideas from the elected school board members can directly influence childrens’ education. Taking a look at the candidates ideas can be important for voters deciding the communities future.

Glantz has itemized the things he wants to accomplish if elected to the board. He hasn’t shied away or remained silent on controversial areas of education either. Dr. Glantz has clearly defined where he stands on each.

One such area is sex education. “The California legislature cares too much about sex. They’ve tried to lower the age of consent for minors and constantly shock parents with worksheets, curriculum, or books presented to children as young as kindergarten. Sex ed must be transparent and age appropriate. Parents should know what their kids are being taught,” he states.

Another area is whether or not Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be taught in the classroom. Glantz does not support a curriculum with ‘anti-American’ values. “While a truthful retelling of our history, even the dark parts, are necessary, CRT, which often makes the claim that everyone is either oppressed or an oppressor, is not the way to bring together our communities and classrooms.”

With health and safety protocols playing a part in today’s world, Glantz is mindful of the impact that prolonged school closures can have on children. “Special interests controlled the reopening process. It doesn’t take an educational specialist to know there’s no substitute for in-person learning. It’s vital for our kids’ personal and social development as well as mental health.”

One other area that Glantz has plainly stated as priority is accountability and budgets. School boards, he notes, too often opt to raise taxes rather than get spending under control. He wants to cut the waste in the budgets. Glantz “supports accountability for school districts to put more dollars in the classroom and provide each student with a quality public education.”

With his time as an educator in the past, Dr. Glantz hopes to find another way serve students – this time from a more administrative role.

“This administrative path provides a new way for me to help students to be successful, both academically and in life,” he says.

Glantz is running against two other candidates in Area 4, Darin Patel and Gary Pritchard. To read more about all the candidates, check out this article.

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