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Conservative Kira Davis Runs for Capo Unified School Board Trustee

Kira Davis has advocated for less restrictive mandates for students in the Capo Unified School District and has been endorsed by a handful of noteworthy Republicans.

Ladera Ranch resident Kira Davis, who is running to be a Capo Unified School Board Trustee, has been endorsed by the Orange County GOP, local conservative leaders, and other Republican representatives.

Davis, who has been married for 23 years, has two children who have been in the CUSD district for most of their lives. Previously a conservative podcaster and journalist, Davis has been endorsed by a list of notable Republicans, including Assemblymember Kevin Kiley, President of the Orange County Board of Education Mari Barke, and GOP candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Lance Christensen.

“Kira has been a tenacious advocate for parental rights in California,” Kiley said in a statement. “She believes parents are the first and best experts when it comes to the well-being of their children, and as a representative of her school board she is sure to be a firewall against COVID mandates, questionable curriculum, and self-interested politicians.”

Two other candidates, Michael Parham and Jessica Hubbard, are also qualified candidates on the November ballot running for a trustee position. The trustee position Davis is running for, area 2, represents Ladera Ranch.

“I am confident that Kira Davis will always put the children first and honor parental rights,” Barke said in a statement.

Davis has made herself known in Orange County for being against restrictive COVID-19 mandates, such as forced masks on students. Over the summer, Davis introduced a citizen’s request at trustees meeting requesting for masks to be optional for students. Her proposal was not voted on.

“After two years of uncertainty and chaos surrounding mandates and our children, we are exhausted,” Davis told a local newspaper over the summer. “We feel it (is) necessary to the mental health of our students and the comfort of our parents for the Board of Trustees to officially adopt a resolution supporting mask choice in CUSD.”

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