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Sara Jacobs Attacks Israel’s Rights to Defend Itself from Hamas Attacks

The Congresswoman has a history of criticizing Israel’s government.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Sara Jacobs (D-San Diego), along with her fellow progressive lawmakers, have launched a scathing critique of Israel even as the nation grapples with brutal attacks from Hamas.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, led by some of the most left-leaning members of Congress, penned a confrontational letter to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Their demands are clear: they want the U.S. to exert significant pressure on Israel during its defense operations in Gaza. 

This aggressive move has come as Israel tries to shield its citizens from the onslaught of Hamas’ rockets. Yet, instead of supporting an ally under fire, Rep. Jacobs and the lawmakers are publicly challenging Israel’s defensive actions. The letter strongly censures Israel for directing over a million Palestinians in northern Gaza to shift south.
Rep. Jacobs is known for her extensive history of criticizing the Israeli government.

Such a critical stance towards Israel by the progressives is even more pointed given the backdrop of the recent Hamas onslaught, which led to the tragic loss of more than 1,000 lives and hundreds taken hostage. Instead of focusing on the unprovoked aggression by Hamas, these lawmakers have turned their sights towards Israel’s response.

The letter’s demands to President Biden are telling – all five essentially seek to limit Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens, while at the same time helping Palestinians. 

Although the letter does include a condemnation of Hamas’ actions, it appears to overshadow Israel’s unequivocal right to defend its citizens. The lawmakers seem more inclined to spotlight Israel’s actions while downplaying the severe provocations it faces.

President Biden has rebuked Hamas’ attacks as “pure, unadulterated evil.” Yet, amidst this global crisis, the stance of Jacobs and the progressives appears out of step, focusing more on criticizing Israel than standing in solidarity with a nation under siege.

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