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Supervisor Lawson-Remer Sued by Child Care Provider Over Unpaid Bills

San Diego County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer is being sued by her childcare provider. According to records obtained from San Diego’s Hall of Justice, the complaint was filed by CAALP Inc., which operates Aspen Leaf Preschool—the private daycare facility that provides care for Lawson-Remer’s child, EevaKai. 

The suit alleges that Lawson-Remer, who makes about $278,283.02 annually between regular pay and benefits, has refused or to pay or otherwise fails to acknowledge she owes for child care services rendered last year. 

As both a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Lawson-Remer should know that her actions are going to be closely scrutinized. In the past, she has built a public image around supporting health and child care providers. And as such, the irony of the lawsuit was not lost on social media users.

“Is this the SAME Supervisor Remer that virtue signals on her campaign website about championing and advocating for struggling child care providers!?!?” asks Twitter/X user Zack Gianino.

“San Diego demands accountability!” writes another

Gianino also points out that, just last week, Lawson-Remer spent $2,374 on Facebook ads alone—totaling $60,000 to $77,000 for the year. That weekly total is more than twice what she owes for her child’s outstanding care payments. 

“She has terrible priorities,” one user responds. “Care for children should always come first, very sad that it actually has to be said.”

As far as can be told, Lawson-Remer has yet to comment publicly on the lawsuit. Her office has not released any statements addressing the allegations or providing an alternative side of the story.

Contrast the news of this legal complaint with the curated press releases on Lawson-Remer’s website. One such release, published earlier this year and after Lawson-Remer’s refusal to pay Aspen Leaf Preschool, begins by stating that “childcare providers in California, especially those owned and operated by women of color, are continuing to struggle financially post-pandemic according to recent reports.”

Lawson-Remer is quoted in the article as saying “we need to build childcare capacity in the region,” and that she is “focused on supporting families with children, and [helping] all childcare providers thrive.”

Perhaps she could start that valiant effort by paying her bills.

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