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GOP Endorses Capistrano Unified School District Candidate Jim Glantz

Jim Glantz is the OC GOP favored candidate in Area 4 this November for the Capistrano Unified School District. 

Dr. Jim Glantz, a former teacher and current businessman, has been selected as the Orange County GOP’s choice for Area 4 of the Capistrano Unified School District race. Glantz has been described as a “strong” advocate for parental rights, according to an endorsement listed on a local conservative political action site. 

Glantz has also been endorsed by members of the OC Board of Education, President Mari Barke, Dr. Lisa Sparks and Dr. Ken Williams. Other endorsements include the Lincoln Club of Orange County, Saddleback Republican Republican Assembly. 

He is currently running against Gary Pritchard and Darin Patel. Pritchard has been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County.

Glantz has made his stance against the controversial topic of Critical Race Theory and similar practices known during his campaign.

“I will push back against overreaching Sacramento bureaucrats trying to control our curriculum,” Glantz said in his recent candidate statement.

The OC GOP’s website details their simple goal to “elect Republicans” across Orange County. Glantz is the only Republican running in Area 4 according to a recent social media post he shared.  

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