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Governor Newsom Announces New Investments to Tackle Homelessness Across State

State’s Efforts Gain Momentum with Over 1,200 Small Homes and Multi-Billion Dollar Initiatives.

In a significant move to combat the longstanding homelessness crisis in California, Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced several initiatives aimed at providing housing and support to the state’s homeless population. This ambitious effort is part of the state’s comprehensive, multi-billion dollar strategy to alleviate homelessness, showcasing a decisive approach that includes innovative housing solutions and substantial financial investments.

Governor Newsom, addressing the magnitude of the issue, stated, “The state’s homelessness crisis has been decades in the making. While there’s more work to be done, we are challenging the status quo with new, innovative solutions to get Californians off the streets and into housing.”

Central to these efforts is the administration’s recent allocation of $179.7 million in Homekey grants. Administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), this funding will facilitate the creation of 710 housing units across various California cities, including Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This initiative builds upon a previous $736 million investment dedicated to interim and permanent housing solutions for the homeless, expanding the total Homekey units to 13,484 statewide.

Adding to this momentum, California has also made significant progress in the distribution of small homes across the state. Following Governor Newsom’s announcement earlier this year to purchase 1,200 small homes, the state has been working closely with local governments to expedite this project. This collaboration has led to rapid site selection, bidding processes, and legislative actions to streamline the project. In July, a crucial trailer bill was signed, simplifying procurement and construction procedures for these homes, marking the largest delivery of small homes in state history.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan expressed gratitude for the state’s support: “Here in San Jose, we’re doing our part to end the era of encampments, but our bold action at the city-level would not be possible without support from the Governor who is making a historic investment in what is, without doubt, the largest, most inhumane crisis we face today. We are on-track and moving full-speed ahead.”

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg highlighted the collaborative efforts with the state: “Gov. Newsom’s office has been working closely with the city and county of Sacramento to build a tiny home village on Stockton Boulevard that will be a model for the rest of the state. Residents will be embedded in a community wellness campus specializing in substance abuse disorder treatment and mental health care. This combination of housing and assertive treatment is the recipe for helping our unhoused neighbors and providing relief to our neighborhoods.”

The progress of these small home projects is notable. Sacramento is proceeding with two site selections, while San Jose has finalized a location for its 200 small homes in partnership with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority. The state’s procurement process has been optimized to reduce time and bureaucratic hurdles, allowing for the swift purchase and deployment of these homes, with groundbreaking expected before the year’s end.

This comprehensive approach by Governor Newsom and his administration, coupled with significant local partnerships, marks a pivotal step in addressing California’s homelessness crisis, demonstrating a commitment to innovative solutions and impactful investments.

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