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Rep. Kim Proposes Bill to Help Moms During Baby Formula Shortage

The Congresswoman who is a mother and grandmother is supporting access to baby formula, and improving child and maternal health. 

Representative Young Kim (CA-39) voted to support the Access to Baby Formula Act (H.R. 7791). As a cosponsor of the bill, Kim approved a bill that would allow mothers, children, and manufacturers to access the formula. Rep. Kim is a cosponsor of this bill. 

“As one of the many moms who had to rely on baby formula to feed my kids, and a new grandmother to two babies, my heart breaks for my daughters and all parents struggling to find baby formula during this crisis,” said Kim. 

This is not the first time Kim has spoken out in support of mothers and their children. In 2021, Kim introduced House Resolution 5163, called the Care for Her Act to facilitate services for pregnant women to meet the needs they have during pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing.   

Since coming to Congress in January 2021, Kim has advanced multiple bills and resolutions to advance the welfare of mothers and children. One is House Resolution 4217, the TRIUMPH for New Moms Act. It would coordinate federal mental health programs for new mothers, and better spend the tax dollars going to those programs.

“I am proud to support the Access to Baby Formula Act, but there is more to be done. I’ll keep fighting to promote competition and expand our supply chains so this shortage doesn’t happen again,” said Kim.  

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