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Kristie Bruce-Lane: “I am that change” Needed for Homelessness

Bruce-Lane argues that California has failed its residents on homelessness.

California’s homelessness crisis, representing a staggering 30% of the nation’s total homeless population, has been a topic of intense debate and concern. Amidst this challenging scenario, Kristie Bruce-Lane, a Republican candidate for California Assembly District 76, recently shed light on her understanding and commitment to addressing this pervasive issue.

Bruce-Lane’s candid words reflect her deep concern: “California is home to 30% of our nation’s homeless. The challenge of homelessness is growing.” Her critique of the current policies, particularly the “Housing First” approach championed by San Diego and Sacramento politicians, highlights a need for a more nuanced and multi-faceted strategy. She asserts, “San Diego and Sacramento politicians have failed with their ‘Housing First’ policies.”

With a background as a community leader supporting homeless children, Bruce-Lane possesses a unique perspective on the crisis. She affirms, “I understand the complexities and root causes of homelessness.” This firsthand experience sets her apart from her competitors and underscores her commitment to finding effective solutions.

Her proposed approach is comprehensive and resolute. Bruce-Lane declares, “I support the enforcement of our laws and will work to address and treat addiction/substance abuse, mental health, and poverty in our communities.” Her holistic perspective is not just about providing immediate shelter but also about tackling the underlying factors that lead to homelessness.

While California does have a homelessness problem, the state does funnel a lot of money towards trying to help the solution with supportive needs.

Bruce-Lane’s unwavering commitment to change is encapsulated in her powerful statement: “We need change we can believe in – I am that change.” In a state grappling with such a significant social issue, her words resonate with many who have grown weary of empty promises and ineffective policies.

As the election draws nearer, Bruce-Lane’s vision for a better approach to homelessness stands out as a critical point of consideration for voters in Assembly District 76. Her approach suggests a shift from the status quo, offering a beacon of hope to those who have been let down by current political solutions.

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